Valynah Indoroth - Extended Information


Valynah is a fiery, fierce and strong willed young woman. She can come across as cold and scathing, and speaks her mind, sometimes to a fault. She is sarcastic, and sly by nature. She has quite a curious side as well and loves figuring things out on her own. She is generally distrusting, however if you gain her trust and friendship she can be very kind and considerate, but that doesn't stop her from being the sassy, snarky high born that she is.

Family and Relationships

How and why she came to despise her House and family, Valynah doesn't discuss openly in detail, however she often complains about the pretentious nature of being high born and will openly scoff at the politics of the Great Houses.
Aside from having close ties to her twin sister Tarani, she claims no relationship or emotional attachment at the moment.


Valynah won't even divulge whether she was born on the mainland or Vvardenfell, let alone any other details that could give away who her direct family is. However it's more than known how she disliked the restricting nature of being High Born.

Stance on current events in Tamriel and the Dunmer peoples

Though Valynah, like many other Dunmer, shows a severe distrust for other races, she doesn't hate them. She doesn't look down on anyone purely because they're "not Dunmer", however she does hold reservations with Argonians purely due to the animosity the Dunmer and Argonians currently hold for each other in general. She won't openly discuss it due to avoiding drama but she never believed enslaving other races was the right thing to do. In fact, Valynah is rather fascinated by other peoples and cultures, though she keeps this interest low-key, again, for the sake of avoiding unnecessary drama.


Valynah openly supports and follows Vivec primarily, though she holds other Gods in high regards as well. She doesn't reject the Aedra and Daedra like some Dunmer, though she doesn't claim to necessarily follow them either. It's unclear what she means by "hails other Gods as well", and she typically refuses to divulge further.

Likes, Hobbies, Profession, etc

As anyone would assume, she has quite the preference for the finer things in life. She prefers "nicer" clothing and leathers, however likes to keep her attire simple and functional when not engaged in a mission or adventure. She loves to keep trinkets and likes to read when she has a while to unwind.

Valynah isn't at all afraid to get her hands dirty, and that goes for anything from tailoring her own jerkins, to well, whatever line of work pays her that week. She considers herself somewhat of a Rogue, and some would say she's an assassin but she isn't affiliated with the Brotherhood or the Morag Tong, nor does she get in their way, however if someone hires her for a job and the gold is good enough, she'll handle just about anything they ask of her.