Valynah Indoroth - Background

Valynah was born into one of the prestigious families of the Indoril House. She and her twin sister, Tarani, grew up with their mother Favona and father Drarus Indoril, who took their family's reputation very seriously...and Valynah hated it. Even as a little girl, she wanted to do unspeakable things like play outside, and laugh too loudly; being told she should be more like her sister, quiet, well mannered and lady like. Her father always openly disapproved of her behavior, sometimes harshly so, while her mother constantly harassed her about how inappropriate it was for a Lady of her high born nature to "act like a low born" by doing things out of character for her house. She was a child of course, she didn't know better. However due to the strict upbringing and her more independent nature, this turned into far more than rebellion in her teens and young adult life.

She became seen as a bit of an outcast even in her own family; her mother never giving up trying to "fix her poor mannerisms", and her father simply resorted to verbal bereavements, going as far as calling her rather rude names, as though she were no more than a servant who didn't know how to do as they were told. Her sister Tarani merely distanced herself in their teen years.

During the first year of the Alliance War when Valynah and Tarani were barely considered "adults" by Dunmer standings, things at home took a turn for the worst. Tarani had at that point in time become oddly prone to "accidents", moreso than as a child, resulting in permanent scars; she refused to tell Valynah how they happened, and when Valynah approached her parents in turn, concerned for her sister, she was met by their mother with excuses, and their father with a cold denial, which was more than enough for her to realize things at home were worse than she had known.

Soon after, Valynah had a major falling out with her parents. Her mother insisting that if she didn't "shape up and take the family seriously, then she wasn't part of the family". Valynah refused to change who she was, loudly, and defiantly, and was disowned by their mother. Oddly, it was their father who attempted to sway Favona and insist Valynah stay, claiming nonsense about ruining the honor and reputation of her entire House of Indoril if she left, to which Valynah responded very harshly, stating she didn't care about politics, didn't want to be a "lady" and would rather live her life her own way and went as far as verbally attacking her father's weakness without his slaves, which had been given their freedom upon the formation of the Ebonheart Pact. This is when he snapped and in a violent display which resulted in the destruction of a few vases, disowned Valynah as well. Valynah scoffed and "disowned them back" (after dodging thrown items, of course). She left that night with Tarani, after insisting she come with her for her own safety, unsure what may happen if she stayed; Tarani of course tried to protest at first but quickly came around.

For over two years they lived off the lands, making their own gold by doing "odd jobs", some of which may or may not have been seen as legal. Some which definitely weren't legal. During this time they traveled often between Tamriel's main continent and Vvardenfell, where Valynah purchased a small inn room as a "little home away from home", so they had somewhere to go back to that was safe.

Into the third year of their unofficially documented "exile", Tarani was attacked by a thief in a back alley of Wayrest while the girls were on an odd job; without thinking, Valynah killed the man with a power previously untapped, unaware they were being watched by a man who would change their lives forever. He approached them offering them a chance to "become something more" and after a brief explanation and debate, both girls agreed to the arrangement... and began their training as Necromancers.

It was a few years later, and well into their training that they learned of the Maulborn attacks on Deshaan, and the spread of the Llodos plague which had resulted in the death of their parents, and the ransacking of their childhood home just outside of Mournhold. Though their childhood had been less than pleasurable, Valynah was infuriated when she learned that the city registrars of Mournhold planned to repossess and resell the estate. Tarani however wanted nothing to do with the house, and chose to purchase her own small room at the Flaming Nix Inn, rather set foot in that house again. Valynah however did the unthinkable; she donned one of her old gowns which hadn't been stolen, marched into the offices, put on her "stuffiest" attitude, and threw a huge fit until they released the deeds to the house into her name, as she was technically the eldest of the twins, and thus legal heiress to the estate; Something the Registrars, much to their dismay, could not deny.

Valynah somehow persuaded Tarani to come to the house after the paperwork had been completed, to sift through what was left after the looters had made off with most of their family possessions. It was then, that they discovered the unthinkable, the unspeakable... their mother had a keepsake chest in a hidden compartment under their now broken bed, containing documents of birth and family origins, letters of explanation to the girls' that they had never seen, and a single set of old robes in reds and blacks which are no longer spoken of. The girls were shocked to learn of their mothers' true lineage, her feelings and her fears, and both agreed to honor her memory by changing their name from Indoril... to Indoroth. Their mother was a direct line relation to the forgotten sixth Great House of Dagoth it's self. Of course, the "legal" change was done rather illicitly, by means of breaking and entering, forgery, and a few forbidden spells. Oddly enough once they began using the name, many "forgot" they weren't just a direct offshoot of the Indoril house with an oddly formed ending to the great name. No one was the wiser about it. Their spell, of course, had worked perfectly.

Though Valynah still has a severe distaste for official business and the drama of the Five Houses, and keeps clear from the politics of it all, for good reason, she and Tarani now spend more time back in Mournhold and Deshaan than either ever thought would happen. Of course, they're somewhat looked down on by those of the other great Houses as "lesser Indoril" who are "unworthy of the great estate". Some feel the manor could have housed another of the Indoril line who would as they put it "show proper respect to the House and deserve the manor more than a branch family", but this proves nothing more than a laugh and wry satisfaction to Valynah.

Little do the Great Houses know the girls' true story, true origin, or their true nature... they kill anyone who finds out.