Rayvis Dalothran - Extended Information


Rayvis is a very well mannered, proper, polite and sincere individual, regardless of his vampiric nature. He tends to be rather easy going, and doesn't like showing his darker sides.. but oh, they are there, after all. He can be quite cunning, but refrains from unnecessary manipulation, finding it far more advantageous to all parties for him to remain honest. He is a very- very patient person, though that could be due to the fact of the flow of time feeling different to a vampire such as himself.

Family and Relationships

He has no family left alive, and sadly over the years has forgotten much of his life before becoming a vampire.


For the longest of times, Rayvis was what you would expect a vampire to be. Ruthless, uncaring of mortals, seeing them only as either food or a threat. Killing where he went, sometimes for sport, if he was bored. He would feast, without a concern for himself or the world around him. Over the years however, he became more bored by the killing, and monotonous style of his so-called life, and began rethinking his approach to things. It was soon after House Ravenwatch was established that he heard the tales of vampires living in peace with mortals. This intrigued him, in his newfound desire to well, better himself, and he began working with them, eventually forming quite the friendship with Count Verandis Ravenwatch himself.

Rayvis runs his own branch-house, as it were, out of Deshaan, taking up residence in Velothi Reverie, which is open to all members of the House, and those seeking help or refuge when necessary. Aside from Velothi Reverie, Rayvis has a quaint private home, Ravenhurst in Rivenspire.

Stance on current events in Tamriel

Rayvis' stance is to just stay out of it. He has long since abstained from mingling too much in mortal affairs, where he can avoid it. That aside, when the need does arise for intervention or assistance, he, like many others of House Ravenwatch, do what they can to make sure outside forces don't devastate life and the world as it is. The war however, is none of his business; he rather feels like the whole concept is much akin to children squabbling over who gets to play in which side of the park.


At one point Rayvis may have been able to remember what his beliefs as a mortal were. It's been so long that he has forgotten things like that, as they don't really effect his life now anyway.

Likes, Hobbies, Profession, etc

Lorlia is an avid crafter. If she can do it herself, she will; at least she'll try. She's a master in most certifiable crafting skills and makes her own armor, furniture, and meals. She's got an odd soft spot for gardening, as well, though isn't as fond of the typical farm life.