Lorlia - Extended Information


Lorlia tends to keep to herself, but when she does travel with others, they've always found her to be rather pleasant company. Sometimes she acts rather aloof, can be somewhat childish at times, and often acts on her emotions, choosing to put logic aside. This can lead to some rash decision making which may or may not have a desirable outcome. She's easy to talk too, and always willing to listen when needed. Lorlia can be a bit of a joker, but she's not one to pull harmful pranks feeling it's too cruel, if not dishonest, and if there's one thing Lorlia can't stand, is dishonesty. She can be blunt to a fault at times, but that depends entirely on the amount of mead she's had. She's overall a very passionate, kind, and willful individual, who will always back those in need.

Family and Relationships

Since Lorlia was young, she's never really known who her family was. She was orphaned as a baby, or so the mages of Riften at the time told her. Her mother died in childbirth, and to this day she has never found out who her father was. She doesn't even know her own last name- assuming she even has one.

As far as personal relationships go, Lorlia tends to keep that to herself, however it's not a real secret that she and the Altmer Liandriil have a very close relationship.


Lorlia was never formally adopted by anyone, but she rather became a child of the town of Riften, where she grew up. Once she was too old to be "looked after" by the Mages Guild (all she knows is they found her on the doorstep one day), she spent a short time doing what any street kid would do... stealing. That didn't go so well, and she found herself under the eye of the Fighters' Guild next. Over the years she learned the ways of the sword as well as how to use a bow, how to apply what magic she did pick up on to her weapon skills thus earning the title of a Dragonknight later in life. Once she was old enough, and had saved up enough coin from odd jobs and missions, she surprisingly managed to afford and acquire the old Mistveil Manor for her own, and it has been her home ever since.

Stance on current events in Tamriel and Skyrim

Her stance is simple. Anyone threatening the safety of Skyrim and her peoples, she will fight. This goes for anyone, and anything, even if that means fighting the Daedric Princes themselves. She doesn't necessarily see eye to eye with the Alliance War, but has been known to do her part as needed to protect her home, her town, and her kin.


Lorlia has an obvious "kinship" to Hercine due to the fact of being a werewolf, but she has always revered Akatosh as her primary deity. She even has a little makeshift shrine to him in her home.

Likes, Hobbies, Profession, etc

Lorlia is an avid crafter. If she can do it herself, she will; or at least she'll try. She's a master in most certifiable crafting skills and makes her own armor, furniture, and meals. She's got an odd soft spot for gardening, as well, though isn't as fond of the typical farm life like most homesteading Nords are. She has a simple functional style of dress though will, out of curiosity if nothing else, try every dying method she can on various leathers to see how they take which colors. She's a bit of a collector, and has gained possession of various trinkets and statuettes over the years, which she proudly displays in her home.

As a profession Lorlia offers not only her skills as a fighter, but as a crafter, and regularly fills orders from the boards in towns asking for supplies. She also sells goods she finds in her adventures at the local markets.