Lorlia - Background

There is a very old, very secret legend that a certain sect holds close. One of the true story of Lorkhan. Many believe he was punished, a traitor, or worse, but the truth that this sect keeps tells otherwise. The story is similar to known tales, but it diverts in the sense that Lorkhan willfully gave up his heart when Nirn was new and weak, to protect mortals from madness, give them will past confusion and anger, empower and embolden them with emotion, thought, and logic. He sacrificed himself for the betterment of the world in a time of chaos.

This was, according to this secret sect, not his end. Like some legends say, he does walk the mortal lands; not in a decaying, decrepit form, but as a mortal shifting from life to life to life. This version of the legend states that Lorkhan was the beloved brother of Akatosh himself, who was present when Lorkhan tore out his own heart, and plotted with him to protect and guide the last remaining seed of his soul as it was planted into mortal lives over time, so it could grow back into divinity.

Since the end of the Dawn Era, Lorkhan has unknowingly been born as a mortal, of various races, in various eras. In this current timeline, a young woman was approached by this sect, informed that her child would be the next rebirth of Lorkhan, and instructed to name the baby in a way that would reflect this truth, yet not give away the fact to 'outsiders'. After a time of consultation the young woman chose to name the child either Shormund (as a namesake of Shor, the Nord aspect of Lorkhan), or Lorlia. The child was to never know their true origin, but was to be watched in secrecy, protected and guided by the sect, to ensure that Lorkhan would continue to grow spiritually. Sadly, the mother died during childbirth, and no father was found to raise the newborn baby girl.

The sect cared directly for Lorlia for a mere few months, before their direct involvement began to pose a risk. They were never supposed to be in direct contact, after all. As such, they left the child with the best option they could imagine, in the nearest town: They left Lorlia with the Mages Guild of the small fishing town of Riften.

Lorlia grew up as a ward of the Guild, trying to learn magic and helping out with chores to "earn her keep". Once she was old enough to more or less take care of herself she began living off the streets rather than staying in the guild hall. She was still very young, very willful, and admittedly rather bad at magic. Lorlia will say they kicked her out, but the old Mages will tell that she ran off on her own. She spent a short time thieving and eventually landed herself in the more strict care of the Fighters' Guild, where she over time straightened out, learned how to earn her keep more properly, and eventually became a fighter, warrior, dragonknight and master crafter.

To this day, Lorlia doesn't know her origin, nor why from time to time when she's tired she thinks she sees something or someone out of the corner of her eye. Most of the time she contributes it to wildlife or passers by. Sometimes she dreams of them, though; shadows watching, strange shining lights, dragons and an unnerving feeling of heaviness in her chest which wakes her up from a dead sleep, sweating and looking frantically for something she can never find, nor ever explain.

Something she'll never find, because if she did it could shatter the world as we know it...