Liandriil - Extended Information


Liandriil is a cocky, sarcastic, snarky man, but he actually means well. He's got a heart of gold, despite his almost assholish attitude. Unlike most Altmer, though, he seems to lack the pompous attitude all together. Some have found his exaggerated sass to actually be rather charming. He doesn't trust easily, and this attitude may actually be more of a front than not. Around friends and trusted individuals, he's been known to take on a calmer, quieter, more sincere, and yet somewhat intense manner. He hides it to the general populous, but he has a very deep understanding of things, and is quite the scholar at heart.

Family and Relationships

Liandriil is the outcast of his family. His mother and father both uphold the typical ways, customs and culture of the Altmer of Summerset. His younger sister Faranwyn follows suit, doing her duty and upholding their family name, at least as best as she can, while still maintaining a sort of "working relationship" with Liandriil. His parents don't speak with Liandriil much these days.

Family aside, Liandriil is in a bit of a hush-hush relationship with Lorlia- a Nord. His parents of course know nothing of this.


Growing up on Summerset, Liandriil was a constant disappointment. He never lived up to his family's standards, always defying the "natural order", not aspiring to the goals set before him and doing the unthinkable, by choosing his own path. He doesn't practice his faith to Auri'El, and almost outright rejects the Path to Alaxon, something downright blasphemous for the Altmer of Summerset. As such, he has been all but disowned by his family. He could have been the heir to a lovely estate, titles, and vineyards, but as his parents would say, he threw that all away by being foolish. As a sort of "courtesy", he was "gifted" the Alinor Crest Townhouse by his parents. In Altmeri culture however, this was a way of saying "we don't want you here anymore", and to many seen as a high insult. Liandriil however took it in stride; it was a lovely, albeit small home, that suited him perfectly, and gave him the freedom to do as he pleased. Though he still abides the general laws, and has made as he would call them "working friends" in Alinor, he's still seen as a very strange individual by most.

While Liandriil's sister Faranwyn follows her duties, path, and has been named Heiress to the family estate, she's quietly not as strict as their parents, and from time to time (much to Liandriil's dismay) will contact him to "check on him"; or rather, according to Liandriil, whine at him in an attempt to make him "see reason". She has however never once attempted to force his hand, and while they don't see eye to eye, she still cares for her brother. Liandriil would deny it, but his sister is dear to him as well, even if they live in two different worlds, so to speak.

Stance on current events in Tamriel

He doesn't agree with a lot of things, thinks the war is foolish, and he hates politics. That's the extent he's willing to divulge.


While Liandriil does hold faith in Auri'El, he doesn't really practice his faith, which has always been seen as more than slightly odd to the Altmer of Summerset.

Likes, Hobbies, Profession, etc

Liandriil has quite the collection of trophies from his travels across Tamriel, and has dedicated an entire room of his home as a sort of gallery. The statues, statuettes, and busts are one thing, but the stuffed monster heads on the walls are definitely something unfitting of a loyal resident of the Summerset Isles. Which is part of why he displays them so proudly. Not to say he isn't still a fan of the finer things in life; when he's not donning his psudo-Ayleid style armor, he prefers the finer silks and satins worn by the higher class citizens of Summerset. Just because he's never preferred the Altmer ways of life, doesn't mean he doesn't like being comfortable.

Liandriil officially calls himself a Pyromancer. He may have gained the title somewhere through his years studying offensive magics, as he very much prefers anything associated with fire, and may or may not in his "teens" accidentally set the mages school on fire. It's quite possible his title of Pyromancer was actually meant as an insult to his volatile and destructive nature, but he's used it ever since.
He is also a very skilled alchemist and often times likes to experiment with potions and poisons to "see what happens". He has yet to set fire to, or seriously damage his home, but there may have been an instance of an accidental daedric summon, because apparently, that's what happens when you mix wormwood, fire salts, wisp essence, and scamp fur. He was trying to figure out a new way to create a Flame Atronach, and failed.