Fiona Liore - Extended Information


Fiona is a snappy, sassy, willful sort of girl, but she's got a very dominant shy streak she defiantly tries to hide, much like a small cat puffing their tail up to look bigger than they are.

Family and Relationships

Fiona grew up in the Imperial City with her mother and father. She was an only child, and while rocky at times, always had a keen relation with them which was repaired before their untimely deaths when the Imperial City was destroyed.
She has no current relationships of personal nature, though many working relationships and friendships with her fellow mages. There may be someone she rather fancies, however she has no experience with dealing with emotions on that level and has yet to even consider voicing her feelings let alone acting on them.


Since Fiona was a little girl she was always very adept at magic. She was fit to study with the mages guild in her very early teens, and though they were a bit worried for her safety staying in the dorms of the Imperial City's School of Magic, they allowed her to pursue her path.
She was a very quick study and the more she grew in her talents, the more curious she became. When she began traveling with the historians, seeking sites of magical acuity, her parents worries became almost over baring. Upon returning home from her third journey, they approached her asking her not to venture outside the city walls anymore, at least till she was older, concerned the world was too dangerous a place. Fiona was furious that after being so understanding, they would expect her to confine herself, and deny her the experience of these ancient ruins and sites.
She did what any willful, magic wielding teenager would do... she left a note to the Guild saying she was going to continue her studies with a guild in another land to learn as much as she could; but the reality was, was that she ran away.

Fiona spent a couple of years traveling on her own, offering her services as a mage for a modest fee to get by, and eventually found herself all the way north in Solitude. By that time she was barely of age, and had saved enough on her journeys to be able to purchase a modest home of her own, the Proudspire Manor.
She had checked in with various mages guilds along the way as to make sure at least they knew where she was, and upon solidifying her stay in Solitude, began working more directly with the mages guild based there as well. Reluctantly, she finally wrote a letter to her parents as well, explaining her situation and that while she had to find her own way, they were still in her heart and so on. It was also around this time when she discovered her utter fascination with anything Dwemer. She had never had the chance to see any of the Dwarven ruins on her travels, as many were hidden or hard to reach. This became her main focus of study and Fiona now has a small collection of artifacts she keeps in her own home; many of the relics kept by the Mages Guild of Solitude, she was at the least present for their retrieval.

Sadly, when the events which decimated her homeland transpired, her parents were still living in the Imperial City. They were able to journey to Solitude to visit her before they lost their lives. To this day Fiona is glad she was at least able to make amends and see them one last time, and in the end they were proud of the woman she had become. She still has yet to risk venturing back home to see what became of the city, and knows it will be a long time before she's even remotely ready for that heartbreak.

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Stance on current events in Tamriel

The devastation of the Imperial City was a very low blow to Fiona, as well as the way she sees the world. The factions, the war, it's all such a sad topic to her, even moreso knowing the world is in constant danger of being overrun with Daedra. She hates the war, and hates how it's ripped the world into pieces both literally and metaphorically, and wishes someone would find and claim the Amulet of Kings and put a stop to it all, though somewhere in her heart she knows it's not that simple.


Fiona is a very spiritual, but very logical sort, putting her beliefs more in the arcane and ancient sciences she studies rather than truly put her faith in the divine.

Likes, Hobbies, Profession, etc

Pure and simple, Fiona absolutely adores anything and everything to do with the ancient Dwemer. Their approaches to magic, their technology, and their style. If she was the sort to believe in that kind of thing, she may wonder if she was a Dwemer herself reborn, but that's nonsense. She's a very active member of the mages guild, and while she keeps it hush hush, has ties to the Psijic Order as well.