Fiona - Background

Some time after settling into her home in Solitude, Fiona began traveling again in search of new Dwemer ruins. At times with groups, focused on discovering as much of the ancient peoples as they could, and at times she would travel on her own. At this time she was reporting her findings to both the Mages Guild and the Psijic Order alike when the need arose, as not even the Psijics knew the exact cause of the disappearance of the Dwemer, and were always on the look out for any artifacts of questionable nature, given it was well known what they were working on during the time of their sudden demise.

Fiona had temporarily relocated to Deshaan to study the ruins there in depth, and working off of a lead, was searching for another way into Bthanual. The lead strongly suggested that there was another floor to the ruin, which wasn't accessible through the known floor or known doors available on the surface. The lead was reputable enough that Fiona felt the need to personally investigate.

While she was searching the surrounding areas however, something horrible happened. She was usually aware of the situations around her and ready to protect herself, but a feral werewolf spotted her, before she spotted it, and the next thing she knew, she had been sliced open and was lying on the ground beneath the tree she had been near, with the beast looming over her about to make a meal of her.
She was blacking out when something else attacked the werewolf, too small to be a troll, too quick to be a durzog. A pale face insisted she drink a potion or die, and literally not having any other option if she wanted to live, she drank the potion, and passed out.

Fiona awoke to find that she had been in an alchemically induced coma for over a week, while healers worked round the clock to repair the damage to her internal organs and close her stomach back up. She barely survived the attack even with their help.
As it would turn out, she had been rescued by vampires. She now lie in a bed of the manor of one Lord Ravis Dalothran, who ran a branch of House Ravenwatch out of Deshaan. The Vampire Bosmer Gwendis had happened upon her just at the right time while on the way to give messages and report to Rayvis's branch house, and had saved Fiona herself, rushing her to the Ravenwatch-Dalothran House as the girl's best means of survival. While Gwendis had left during the week to return to Rivenspire, Fiona awoke to the face of Rayvis himself standing watch over her. It was a patchy situation at first; being nearly killed by a werewolf only to be rescued by vampires wasn't something Fiona ever thought would happen, but here she was.

During her extended stay while she continued to heal, Fiona grew rather fond of Rayvis and his house, and began working directly with them as well. Thanks to their help she did manage to find a way into the sub floor of the ruins and was able to send back quite a many artifacts in good condition to the Mages Guild in Solitude, though she herself stayed in Deshaan for quite some time.

While she knew she was free to go at any time, Fiona continued working with Rayvis in Deshaan for some time. Fiona would deny it, but she had become rather smitten with Rayvis. Not knowing if it was true feelings, some form of attachment due to her life almost being taken, or what would happen if she even attempted to voice her feelings, she refuses to breathe a word of it to him, or anyone else. Though from time to time she does wonder how many new discoveries she could make if she did, and became a vampire herself... the idea is still something she isn't sure of however. Only time will tell what she decides to do with this private information...