Hi! I'm Sarinilli Morian and welcome to my Elder Scrolls Online Characters' page!

I've always loved making (mostly) lore friendly, detailed characters. Each of my characters have their own basic bios, info, random facts and picture pages.
Pretty much all of my characters tend to have their own personalities and stay in character for the most part. It's my form of a casual sort of RP since I don't really do anything serious with guilds or the like.

How to find me in ESO:

Username: @Sarinilli
NA Server, UTC -7 (US Mountain Time)
I'm online most frequently during the later evening and at night.

A few final details & legal stuff:

• I'm not part of any RP guilds and am not really accepting invites at this time.
• I'm open for random casual RP, but please, NO unsolicited ERP, thank you.
• WW and Vamp Bites are always free. I do not take tips. :)
• I offer crafting and decorating services for gold; feel free to inquire in game if you're interested.
• While I do have ESO+, I do not sell crowns. Don't ask.

Aside from "cosplay toons", all the characters, their information, stories and backgrounds listed on this page belong to me. Usage of their names, information or likenesses (as far as my exact concept goes) are strictly prohibited. If you need help developing your own characters there are plenty of resources online besides other peoples works. :)