MAJOR Update Info for 20211225-20220121:

Just shy of a month of working on this as often as possible, many late nights, and a LOT of poking of pixels later... I've got the first update to the pack done in literal years. The biggest to date, save my initial release- though that's questionable, there's a LOT of new stuff in this update / re-release. Anyhow, the full list of updates and changes are...

New Blocks

Amethyst Block
Amethyst Buds & Cluster
Ancient Debris
Azalea Leaves
Blackstone Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Blue Ice
Budding Amethyst
Candles - All colors - double sized textures for detail - including custom side textures for lit versions!
Chiseled Deepslate
Chiseled Nether Bricks
Chiseled Polished Blackstone
Cobbled Deepslate
Cobbled Deepslate Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Cobbled Deepslate Slab *Custom Texture*
Cobbled Deepslate Stairs *Custom Texture*
Copper - Block & Cut
Copper - Exposed - Block & Cut
Copper - Weathered - Block & Cut
Copper - Oxidized - Block & Cut
Copper Ore (in stone and deepslate)
Cracked Deepslate Bricks
Cracked Deepslate Tiles
Cracked Nether Bricks
Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
Crimson Button *Custom Texture*
Crimson Door
Crimson Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Crimson Fence *Custom Texture*
Crimson Fungus (2 different designs; 6 variations total)*
Crimson Nylium
Crimson Planks
Crimson Pressure Plate *Custom Texture*
Crimson Sign
Crimson Stairs *Custom Texture*
Crimson Stem
Crimson Trapdoor
Crying Obsidian
Cut Red Sandstone Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Cut Red Sandstone Slab *Custom Texture*
Cut Sandstone Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Cut Sandstone Slab *Custom Texture*
Deepslate Bricks
Deepslate Brick Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Deepslate Brick Slab *Custom Texture*
Deepslate Brick Stairs *Custom Texture*
Deepslate Ores (all existing ores now also in deepslate)
Deepslate Tiles
Deepslate Tile Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Flowering Azalea Leaves (created as cherry blossoms)
Gilded Blackstone
Glow Item Frame
Gold Block***
Gold Block - Raw
Honeycomb Block
Lava (Flowing and Still)*
Lightning Rod
Moss Block
Nether Sprouts
Netherite Block
Polished Basalt
Polished Blackstone
Polished Blackstone Bricks
Polished Blackstone Brick Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Polished Blackstone Brick Slab *Custom Texture*
Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs *Custom Texture*
Polished Blackstone Brick Wall *Custom Texture*
Polished Blackstone Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Polished Deepslate
Polished Deepslate Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Potted Crimson Fungus
Potted Warped Fungus
Powder Snow
Quartz Bricks
Quartz Slab *Custom Texture*
Rooted Dirt
Smooth Basalt
Soul Lantern
Soul Torch
Stripped Crimson Stem
Stripped Warped Stem
Stripped Woods now use different texture than stripped logs
Tinted Glass
Warped Button *Custom Texture*
Warped Door
Warped Double Slab *Custom Texture*
Warped Fence *Custom Texture*
Warped Fungus (2 different designs; 6 variations total)*
Warped Nylium
Warped Planks
Warped Pressure Plate *Custom Texture*
Warped Roots (4 color vatiations)
Warped Roots - potted (all variations)
Warped Sign
Warped Stairs *Custom Texture*
Warped Stem
Warped Trapdoor
Warped Wart Block (with 7 variations)

New Items

Amethyst Shard
Banner Pattern - Valknut		(Creeper)
Banner Pattern - Cherry Blossom (Flower)
Banner Pattern - Web of Wyrd	(Globe)
Banner Pattern - Yume			(Mojang)
Banner Pattern - Dream Bindrune	(Piglin)
Banner Pattern - Pirate Charge
Bottle o' Enchanting**
Bucket - (Empty)**
Bucket - Cod**
Bucket - Lava**
Bucket - Milk**
Bucket - Poisonfisk (Pufferfish)
Bucket - Powder Snow - created as snowball bucket (name not changed)
Bucket - Salmon**
Bucket - Tropical Fish
Bucket - Water**
Candles - All colors
Copper Ingot
Crimson Door
Crimson Sign
Dragon's Breath
Fermented Spider Eye**
Glass Bottle**
Glow Ink Sac
Glow Item Frame
Honey Jar (renamed Honey Bottle)
Music Disk - Otherside
Music Disk - Pigstep
Nether Sprouts
Netherite Ingot
Netherite Scrap
Netherite Tool - Axe
Netherite Tool - Hoe
Netherite Tool - Pickaxe
Netherite Tool - Shovel
Netherite Tool - Sword
Potion Bottles - Lingering**	*Custom Texture*
Potion Bottles - Regular**
Potion Bottles - Splash**	*Custom Texture*
Soul Lantern
Suspicious Stew
Sweet Berries
Warped Door
Warped Fungus on a Stick
Warped Sign

New Guis

Blast Furnace Interface
Cartography Table Interface
Grindstone Interface
Smithing Station Interface
Stonecutter Interface
Stream Indicator Icons
Villager2 Interface
World Selection Icons

New Particles, Environment, Misc, Etc

Angry					Particle
Enchantment Glint*			Misc
Glow					Particle
Lava					Particle
Powder Snow Outline			Misc
Soul Fire Flame				Particle

New Entities

Banner - Globe (created as "Web of Wyrd")
Banner - Piglin (created as "Dream Bindrune")
Brown Mooshroom (from previously made random alts)
Cat - Jellie*
Glow Squid

New Paintings

There are 27 new paintings available through Optifine's random blocks ability! (UMM, when it works again, anyway.. though till then if you REALLY want to use any of them instead and have gotten this far, you're free to override and repack for your own use, as long as they stay in *this* resource pack)

Updated Features & Textures

Pack meta updated to 1.18
MCPatcher folders now renamed to work entirely off of Optifine!

Introducing a new Minecraft title, reworked finally for the pack rather than just a draw over! 3
Pack icon has been updated to fit with the new title image
Changed pack subtext colors to best match new pack icon
"Java Edition" title screen text updated to go with the new logo's shading
The panorama has been changed to a clean overlay which better represents my pack without being so distracting
"Mojang" loading logo has been updated from the old red text, now matches the new logo.
Loading screen background has been edited to fit the pack's theme
Splash texts have been overhauled with splashes for the pack and only a bit of nonsense. ;)
Options background got a flashy overhaul!
Fixed the font just -slightly- to make it a little easier to read (still has issues with "bold" text, sadly)
Credits got a bit of an update with pack related stuff up top
postcredits got a little update as well

Unnecessary block models for potted plants removed
Fixed Chest & Double Chest textures to work with new format, removed old double chest files which are no longer used
Renamed Pufferfish to Poisonfisk (It was a tossup between this or fugu but I'm weird so I'll use my made-up name, lol)
Changed 'Amethyst' back to Emerald
Updated the Rune replacements for the SGA that flies into the enchanting book - less messy/choppy/wobbly now

Villagers fixed for the new structure- still a heavy WIP:
professions will be customized further asap (adding accessories etc since some use the same base)
profession levels now badges worn on upper chest instead of legs- finished.
village location types currently turned off due to styles clashing with profession designs
Finally made the texture for the farmer's straw hat

Bedrock texture changed
Granite texture changed
Smooth Granite now alt Granite variation
Smooth Diorite now alt Diorite variation
Smooth Andesite now alt Andesite variation
Obsidian texture changed back to dark purple and updated with banding to avoid conflict with Netherite
Netherwart block has new texture with 7 variations
Item Frame (item version) updated to match actual block and sword textures
Retouched Lapis Ore
Andesite updated
Diorite updated
Smooth Stone updated for variation on base stone
Smooth Stone Slab updated for variation on base stone
Smooth Stone Double Slab updated for variation on base stone
Blast Furnace texture updated
Slight update to Quartz Stairs to fix border
Dark Oak leaves slightly updated
Spruce log/bark updated
Barrel Top Open texture updated
Fixed existing potted plants that weren't showing up in pot variations
Added alt red mushroom - potted version included
fixed some pixel errors in the brown mushroom
Wither Rose plant and potted versions updated with new alt colors
Updated Nether Wart and added one more stage
When did the cats legs swap? Huh. Updated and fixed the textures so the legs are proper again.
Kind of slightly overhauled the flower pot textures and added a sixth pot
updated Large Rocks (cyan concrete powder)
Slight update to brighten the End Sky
Sea Lantern updated

Notes & Comments

  *  The Bedrock texture actually got changed just so I could use the existing texture for Calcite, which it looks much more
     akin to.
  *  I couldn't decide between the designs for crimson and warped fungus, so I used both; the differences between them being
     in the color schemes.
  *  Probably not the best lava I could do, but it's been my bane for ages now and I can live with this for the time being.
     It's probably better than I think it is, though I know the tiling is a little bit off.
  *  Used the texture to include another household cat "Fuddle". The other currently is the dark grey long haired "Gwynnie"
     in place of the British Shorthair; I have plans to remake the calico to model after my own cat as well.
  *  The ehcnantmen glint got a much needed update- I actually hated the old one but forgot after I made it that I caused the
     insane sheen on the potions myself... oops! Haha

 **  I completely redrew all the dyes, because I finally realized I was over using that one bottle style.
 **  Revamped the Fermented Spider Eye, deserved a "new" slot since it got such a total overhaul.
 **  The Glass bottle and all Potion Bottles got a full overhaul; the main glass bottle and potions are similar to the old
     versions yet got a much needed update, while the Splash and Lingering potions now have their own unique bottle designs!
 **  The Bottle o' Enchanting got a total- and I mean total overhaul. It's now made out of faceted green crystal. 3
 **  Ok so as much as I loved the purple "poisonfish", with fish being entities now, I made the decision to finally draw the
     actual pufferfish item icon instead.
 **  Totally redrew the bucket.. after all this time I grew to dislike the metal..cup..look. Yeah. Obviously all relating
     bucket textures were updated as well.

***  I wasn't necessarily intending to remake the Gold Block, but an "I wonder what this would look like" trial ended up
     staying- so the Gold Block has been totally overhauled- in turn the Raw Gold block looks like a larger, rougher variety.
***  Been thinking glowstone looked too "gold" for some time now, and with the new gold block I had no choice but to buckle
     down and remake glowstone as well. It's got a completely new texture, and is animated now as well!
***  All Prismarine and related blocks have been entirely remade with a sort of tealy/green "sea jade" concept.
***  All End Stone and related blocks have been completely remade with a much cleaner, more detailed white marble design.